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Royal Oak’s Frentz & Sons Hardware: 87 Years of Having “Everything!”

When repairmen from Clinton Township’s Hoover Plumbing need a special part for a Dishmaster faucet, they drive miles past the many large-chain home improvement outlets and head straight to Frentz & Sons Hardware in Royal Oak.
“We’d rather come here than the ‘big box’ stores for those parts,” they say. “Frentz & Sons has whatever we need.”

‘Dapper’ Plan Cuts Inroads in Royal Oak Hair Industry

Sean Klosky always wanted to open his own business.

After teaching special-education at the Burger Center in Garden City and then following eight years working at a Royal Oak restaurant, Klosky decided it was time. After surveilling the neighborhood he was eyeing, Klosky launched his first-time business in an industry – hair care – about which he knew nothing.

‘Old School’ Ways Keeps Primo’s Going 41 Years Later

Back in the day, there was a television show about a fictional bar where “everybody knows your name.”

At Primo’s Pizza in Birmingham, truth is stranger than fiction, because staffers inside they really do know the names. Most of them, anyway.

It’s not really that surprising, since the pizzeria has been at its Adams Road location for 41 years. The eatery, opened in May 1978 by owner John DeAngelis, has been serving multiple generations of families ever since

Choose a Most Delectable Gift at Birmingham’s Bateel

“I feel like I am in the finest jewelry store when I visit Bateel,” says Rochester resident Carly Strand. “But the sparkling display case and glittering boxes are filled with dates and exclusive chocolates instead of rings and earrings,” she chuckles.

“I’m always uplifted from having gotten something unique and delicious, whether it’s a hostess or holiday gift – or a little treat for me – when I leave here,” she adds.

At Local Business News (LBN) we create newsworthy content on America’s local mom & pop businesses. We hire freelance journalists to interview, write, photograph and sometimes videotape the achievements of the businesses.


  • The complete articles are offered to the local media.
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  • We are only interested in newsworthy information. We believe there are two to four newsworthy events at every business.
  • Our goal is to create business stories appropriate for such journalistic outlets as newspaper, radio, TV, web and wire news services.
Glenn Gilbert
Executive Editor
Editorial is the cornerstone to the LBN program, real journalism using real journalist to report the business news. Executive Editor Glenn Gilbert has 45 years of experience as a professional journalist with newspapers owned by Advance Publications, the Copley Press and Digital First Media. Most recently he was executive editor of The Oakland Press in Michigan from 2006 to 2014. He holds a B.A. degree from the University of Michigan and an M.A. from Eastern Michigan University.
Freelance Journalists

Freelance writers are sought in targeted markets to write compelling stories on small businesses.  Video and photography journalists are also pursued in the creation of publishing ready articles.

Our Freelancers:

  • Have newspaper experience
  • Most interviews are conducted on-site
  • A photo journalist is assigned to most stories
  • Short versions of each article are available by request
  • Bylines for all LBN journalist required for aggregated stories
  • Our criteria for “newsworthy information” is the same as used by traditional media

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