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New Broker at Sellstate Select Realty Inc.

IMG_0072Bill Albert marked his fifth year as a realtor by joining Sellstate Select Realty Inc.’s Mooresville office. His career started in Wilkesboro, before moving on to Mooresville.

Sellstate, he said, has the technology to make buying and selling a home easier.  We offer clients extensive neighborhood reports and excellent marketing when selling a home.

He represents buyers and sellers in a 60-mile radius around Charlotte, including Huntersville, where, he said, real estate business is booming

Bill Albert can be reached by phone at (704) 526-8382, by email at or online at


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‘Tis the Season to Shop Local

Local Business News Executive Editor Glenn Gilbert discussed LBN’s ’Tis the Season to Shop Local campaign with LBN Publisher Guy Williams.

SBA has Advice for Consumers, Entrepreneurs

Local Business News Executive Editor Glenn Gilbert asked Constance Logan to address issues affecting small businesses. Logan is the district director of the Small Business Administration in Michigan. Here are excerpts from her responses. 

GILBERT (LBN): In his announcement of Small Business Week (April 29 to May 5) President Trump said the country’s 30 million small businesses employ nearly 58 million Americans — 48 percent of the labor force, and that each year, small businesses create two-out-of-three net new, private-sector jobs in the United States.  Is this a trend that is sustainable and where will this leave us 10 years from now?

Fox and Hounds Pastry Den in Troy Repeats History, Deliciously!

Monica Nacianceno never had a Twinkie in her school lunch for dessert – or a Ding Dong, or a Ho-Ho.

She never had a Whoopie Pie or a Keebler cookie.

But every one of her classmates would have traded Monica their lunches for the treats she did have, and some of them begged to do so.

Dr. Ryan Corte Creates Health Video Site

One of the most challenging parts of a health care professional’s job is explaining complex information about conditions and treatment to patients and making sure the patient has the right information when they get home.

It is a frustration that optometrist Dr. Ryan Corte faces regularly. Last spring he had a patient come in about blurry vision in his left eye. It turned out that he hadn’t seen a doctor in years and had very advanced diabetic retinopathy and wasn’t even aware he had diabetes.

Dentist’s Old-School Approach Puts Focus On People

The décor in Dr. Scott Meldrum’s Birmingham dental office is clean, comfortable, and untouched by a decorator since the practice moved from West McNichols in Detroit in 1973. There is no television set in the waiting room. The office doesn’t have an internet connection. And eighty-year-old Norma Thurlow, the receptionist since 1957, administers the practice with a huge ledger-style appointment book and an electric typewriter.

70 Years of Happy Cows and Healthy Dairy from Calder Farm

As the general manager of Calder Dairy Farm in Carleton, Michigan, one of Nicky’s many jobs is to make sure that those girls — the Brown Swiss and Holstein cows that produce Calder’s milk daily — are happy, healthy and comfortable, enabling the dairy, after 70 years, to continue to produce, sell and deliver their fresh milk that is free of added hormones and still sold in glass bo

Beds by Design Releases Its New Line of All-Natural Crib Mattresses

Since infants can sleep upwards of 12-18 hours a day, the mattress on which they sleep should be made of the most natural materials possible.

That’s why Rory Karpathian, owner of Beds by Design, now sells all-natural crib mattresses from his store in downtown Rochester. This brand-new line of crib mattresses offers a major difference from the typical mattress that consumers can purchase at “big-box” or other name-brand mattress stores.