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Feedback to the Oakland County Executive

Oakland County residents have until Friday to let County Executive David Coulter know just what the priorities for his administration should be for 2020.

The 10-question online Citizen Survey asks residents to rank what is important to them in terms of jobs and the economy, public health, neighborhoods and housing, roads and transportation, among other items. Coulter has made it a priority to meet with residents and businesses to hear from those who want a voice in county government.

To take the survey, go to and click on the “Citizen Survey 2020” button. The survey is open until Friday. Coulter’s administration will use the survey results to help the county be responsive to those who live in Oakland County and ensure the policies and strategies of county government are inclusive of all residents.

New Polling Locations

To provide more space and an overall ease of the voting process, the city adjusted polling locations. As of now, both Precinct 6 and Precinct 7 will operate from the same location. For residents who are voters of Precinct 7, your site has been moved from the Detroit Curling Club to the Ferndale Free Methodist Church, which is also the Precinct 6 site. While the two precincts share the same polling location, each precinct will remain separate in terms of polling.

This change takes effect with the upcoming Presidential Primary Election on March 10. To those who are voters of Precinct 7, new voter ID cards will be mailed to you before the end of January.

If you are unsure whether this affects you, visit the Michigan Voter Information Center to confirm your precinct and polling location. You can also refer to the list of polling locations here. If there are any questions or more information needed, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 248-546-2525 (option 5 on the auto attendant).



Water Meter Replacement Clarification

The new smart-water system allows for the replacement of the existing water meters.

However, the new meter being installed is not a “smart meter,” but rather, a “dumb meter.” This will operate the same as the ones currently installed on your property. It is merely a new and updated version to provide more consistency and reliability.

In the coming weeks or months, residents will receive a letter in the mail that will instruct you to schedule an appointment for your property.

For more information, please visit the link.

Parks and Rec RFP

The city is currently seeking proposals from qualified vendors to provide a software solution for Parks and Recreation that will:

  1. Include robust customer service support; flexible programming options to cover the breadth of activities offered; a professional, secure, user-friendly front-and back-end interface
  2. Provide easy-to-use tools and features to increase efficiencies among staff, volunteers and users; generate data, develop various comprehensive reports and minimize payment processing costs for users

More information can be found in the Request for Proposal for Parks and Recreation Management Software packet.


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Rebecca Calappi

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