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Announcing the Grand Opening of Kaydense Galleria in Royal Oak
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Royal Oak
On Feb. 1, Danielle Penson left her job as a high school counselor in her hometown of Detroit and followed her calling.


Penson has a doctorate degree in counseling and had been helping teenagers in high school.


“I kind of felt like, ‘What’s next?’ I’m making these little pennies, I have all this stuff going on, I’m making sacrifices,” she said. “I feel like we have jobs and they’re distracting us from our purpose. If we would just use the gifts and talents we have, everybody would be doing great things.”

And so, she created Kaydense Galleria in Royal Oak. The store is dedicated to the chic woman looking to up her fashion game. Penson had an online store for a while, but when the chance came to open a storefront on 4th Street, she jumped at it.

“My fashion is big on women empowerment and making sure women feel pretty inside and out,” Penson said. “The pieces are unique for the chic woman and they’re flexible, too. I shop really hard for pieces that people don’t have in other boutiques.”

Kaydense is full of clothing that can transition from work to going out to Saturday afternoon. Additionally, she carries sizes small through 3XL, giving women of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to look and feel their best.

The name of the store is a combination of her name as well as her husband two daughters: Danielle, Darren, Kaylee and Karynton Penson. The family lives in Oak Park.

“I’m excited. My goal is for this to expand and maintain the style for your story. Whatever we have to make you feel beautiful,” said Penson.

Tiffany M. Burnett has been a loyal customer of Penson’s for more than three years.

“Her clothes are different, very classy and you really don’t find too many of the same pieces that other people have. They definitely match your personality”
“Her clothes are different, very classy and you really don’t find too many of the same pieces that other people have. They definitely match your personality,” Burnett said.

As a curvy woman, Burnett appreciates the selection of highly fashionable clothes that fit a range of body types. However, when Penson is choosing clothes, Burnett says she takes you out of your comfort zone.

“I have to look at the clothes she chooses for me for a little bit because Danielle is the type to make you expand. I have to look at it for a minute. She has definitely broadened my horizons on fashion,” said Burnett.

But Kaydense Galleria isn’t just about helping women with their fashion. It’s also about supporting other women’s goals and giving others the opportunity to grow a business.

“I like to give women the opportunity to do pop ups,” said Penson. “I want to support other women. I went through a lot of the things in business. If I can help someone else not go through what I went through, I’m perfectly ok with that.”

During the winter months, Kaydense Galleria will be open Thursday through Sunday until the seasons change. Then, as foot traffic picks up in the warmer months, Penson said she’d consider expanding the store hours.

“We are here to serve the community and I’m looking forward to doing great things in Royal Oak and I’m real excited about what’s to come,” said Penson.

202 West 4th Street
Royal Oak, Michigan 48067














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