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Sonic Alert in Troy: Keeping You Safe, Entertained, Aware – and Awakened


JULY 2019
LBN Community Series

Lois Leoni of Sterling Heights had been looking forward to spending a girls’ getaway weekend this summer with her grown daughter at their family’s favorite vacation spot on Lake Huron.

“But I was worried about my husband, Jim, being home without me,” Leoni said. “Even with hearing aids, when a cold or allergy flares up, he can’t hear the dog barking, the doorbell, the phone, or even the smoke detector.”



“Luckily, a friend of mine had read about Sonic Alert in Troy, and how they donated special, super-strong alarm clocks (with bed shakers!) to high school kids who had a hard time waking up,” she added. “When we contacted Sonic Alert, we learned about lots of awesome products they had for us and our home.”

“Needless to say,” Leoni laughed, “my daughter was happy to get Jim a Sonic Boom alarm clock for Father’s Day, and I am purchasing a HomeAware unit for our house and for up north.”

Thomas Zimmer, Sonic Alert’s sales and marketing coordinator, explained some of HomeAware’s many uses and functions during a demonstration at their office in Troy.

“This system has become so popular with all age groups,” Zimmer said. “Even though it is a multi-tier alerting system, it is simple to set up and operate. HomeAware is the first complete home system to use transmitters and receivers to alert you to baby cries, the doorbell, home alarms, phone calls, carbon monoxide and smoke detector alarms, weather radio announcements, clock alarms, kitchen timers, cellphone notifications and texts – and more.

“They can, virtually, all be linked, and the system’s flashing lights, its alarm (up to 105 decibels), the bed shaker and the scrolling digital word display (which can also show phone caller identification), alert within 1000 feet,” he added.

A mobile phone app provides even more uses and features.

“We offer well-made, really unique specimens in terms of products,” said Zimmer, “that truly help people in their daily lives. That’s what I enjoy about being here.”

Sonic Alert was founded by Adam Kollin, who tried to help his grandmother, in her Pontiac home, be aware of visitors at the door and other safety issues.

“In an age of rotary phones,” Zimmer explained, “Adam used his knowledge as a ham radio operator to create, with wires run throughout the floor, a flashing pattern built on Morse code as an alerting system.”

“And now, over 40 years later, we have so many products, sold all over the world, assisting and alerting  everyone — from those who are physically challenged and those who want to know their home and children are protected, to those who just want to see their wake-up time displayed on their bedroom ceiling, hear a personalized alarm, listen to their favorite music app, or hear white noise while falling asleep.”

“One of the products I use a lot,” shared Zimmer, “is the TV Listener. I can wear it working around here, and listen to a TV show that’s on in another room. Our products are great for so many uses. Like the ‘Transformers’ in the movies, they’re ‘more than meets the eye.’

“It’s very meaningful to work with products that are so cutting-edge, for people that are older or young,” Thomas said

Maryland resident Joan Langan said she “loves” her Sonic Alert alarm clocks.

“I started with the smaller one and liked it so well I got the big one,” Langan said. “My grandson was having trouble waking up for high school, so I gave him my small one.  He turns it to its loudest sound and he has no trouble now waking up and being to school on time. The super shaker that you put under your pillow connecting to the clock is fun, too.

“The clock is stunning-looking,” Langan added, “a beautiful silver with large, two-inch numbers that you can make brighter.  You can easily read them from very far away or in a dark room. How could anyone love an alarm clock? I do. It brings great comfort to know I will always wake up on time.”

“It’s easy to understand why, when our president, Bryan Bartneck, goes to graduation or family parties,” Zimmer said, smiling, “he is swarmed by starry-eyed young people who say, ‘You’re the Sonic Bomb alarm clock guy.’”

Zimmer, who grew up with a family of engineers and innovators, pointed out the company is “continually expanding ideas” and is “extremely conscious of making sure our customers have lifelines to the products and services they need.”

”’What is the customer looking for?’ our founder always asks,” Zimmer said. “We have new and exciting developments, a depth of knowledge and history, and a commitment to changing the lives of people, communities and families. It’s an incredible journey.”

850 Stephenson Highway,
Suite 323
Troy, MI 48084













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