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By Guy Williams, Publisher of Local Business News

From prescription drugs to motor oil, corporate brands are sold everyday by small independently owned businesses. So what would happen if those local businesses became better marketers? A win-win bottom line explosion!

Owning a small business is a heady job, it’s one of the few jobs where you need to be good at everything; bookkeeping, sales, marketing and human resources to name a few. When you lack in ability in one area you risk the survival of all areas.

Then you have the reason that you started the business, the actual work, the thing you do, interior designer, mechanic, baker or doctor. The obvious answer is to focus on the thing you love to do and hire qualified people to do the other things.

Unfortunately, qualified people want to be paid and most small businesses start out barely supporting the owner. Wearing many hats is a reality of business ownership that only changes once the business starts to grow.

Marketing could accelerate growth but most business owners are great doctors, bakers and candlestick makers but are typically poor marketers.

Marketing a small business should start with a story, a journalistically created newsworthy article that features the business owner, while describing the business and how it adds to the community.

We created Local Business News (LBN), to cover those stories, we look for newsworthy happenings at local businesses and healthcare providers that fit into a particular category; eye care, oral care, home design and restaurants are some of the categories we’re interested in.

For example, the LBN Eye Care Series, covers local ophthalmologists, telling the doctor’s story to the community that they support, this link is our first article in the series;

The completed article is posted on the business’ website and social networks, it is also offered to the local media.

This is not an advertorial or conventional sponsored content, the business does not pay anything for the article.

A single corporate sponsor pays a fee to be connected to the business by having an advertisement placed in the body of the article. This advertisement creates a partnership with the business and announces the brands support of the business to the community.

Every Wednesday at Local Business News we'll feature an independently owned business.

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